maandag 20 april 2020

Corona update 2 - start season 2020...

Today is the 20th of April, the day that we open our camping site for the new season and receive our guests. Not this time…. We have at least to wait for another 2 weeks. We really hope that after the 3d of May something will be possible, also when it is only a fraction of our ‘normal’ life.

How are we actually doing and how to move on? There is a lot of time to think things over and we did.

The kids do their digital lessons, and they want to go back to school, wow, that is something! They also miss of course their friends and classmates. After the lessons we often play football. In this way also Bas remains fit ;-)

Furthermore, we still hope that we can open our camping site this season and that we can be your host again. But we are also realistic and prepared a plan B. The first ideas for an ‘one-and-a-half-meter-campinglifesociety’ are born. Exciting!

Meanwhile Domenica works in the vegetable garden. We made a small greenhouse to grow vegetables like basil, cucumber, zucchini, leek, peas and green beans. Garlic, onions, lettuce, tomatoes, sweet corn and potatoes are already planted. And from the greenhouse we already moved the peas and green beans into the vegetable garden. The water system is installed and we are glad that we can use the water from the well that we created last year.

And Bas? He cut the grass. Everything is neat again and it is wonderful to see everything becoming green and blooming. Great always this time of the year. The excavator runs as well. Bas worked on the road running through the orchard toward the new house.

The building process of our new house is still on hold. Ruben really hopes that he can start soon again. He is bored and misses his friends and collegues. Here are some pictures of the construction process.

So far for now. We hope that in two weeks we can give you more clarity about what our season will look like. See you later!

Bas & Domenica