vrijdag 2 april 2021

What happened during winter...

Dear guest, 

Spring is coming and we are really, really looking forward to the season, to welcome you and to be your host. And what happened during winter? Actually, a lot. 

Domenica got 50 years old, and traditionally we celebrate this with a home baked apple pie. 

Furthermore, our second son Jorn is admitted to the University College of Maastricht (UCM) and will start in September this year. He is ready for the next step. 

Bas started writing a book about our adventure moving to Italy with our 4 sons creating Sasso Corbo from scratch. 

And last but not least, we continued building our house. Within a month it will be almost ready (only a thousand small things to finish ;-)). 

We really hope that you are fine and that we will meet again this year. As soon as we can open our doors, we let you know. 

Un abbraccio. 

Bas & Domenica
Ruben, Jorn, Sem & Cas


vrijdag 9 oktober 2020

Thank you so much!!


Dear guests of Sasso Corbo,


This season started so quiet, but ended so great. Thanks to how Italy handled the covid-19 crisis. In springtime it was the country not to go to, and at the end of the summer it was almost the only safe option.


But maybe a lot of you came in September because I got 50 years old and you wanted to taste the home made baked apple-pie from Domenica? And what a nice surprise having both my sisters here to celebrate this moment.


We continued building during the season and we made big progress on our new home. The construction is done, all walls are standing, and at this very moment the electrician and plumber started working inside. And the constructor started outside, working with the natural stones. Wow!


We want to thank you, our guests, for staying at our place this season, especially in this difficult year. You brought support, energy and hope to us and you made us realize again how happy we are to be your host and run our camping site.


Mille grazie!


Bas & Domenica

Ruben, Jorn , Sem & Cas

vrijdag 10 juli 2020

Last options for a safaritent!

up from Thursday 24 September (till 1 October), the last week!

zaterdag 20 juni 2020

First guests arrived!

What a nice present when our first Italian guests arrived at Sasso Corbo this season

"andrà tutto bene" 🌈

Also the first guests from the Netherlands and Belgium have arrived. 😊

woensdag 3 juni 2020

Corona update 5: Sasso Corbo is open!

Dit bericht is voorzien van een update op: 20 juni 2020
This message has been updated at: 20 June 2020

Dit bericht staat hieronder ook in het Nederlands

We are open!

And we have more good news:

1)   From June 15 it is possible to go on holiday in Italy and cross borders in Germany, Switzerland, Austria and France.

2)   Our town and surrounding towns are free from the coronavirus.

3)   We have a lot of space, 45 pitches on 23 hectares of land and 4 seperate sanitary services.

4)   On our camping site everything (except the toilets) is outside.

We have taken measures where necessary and we meet the guidelines of the Tuscan region, so that you can camp and enjoy (without a face mask) your holiday without any worries.

If you want to camp with us, make a reservation through the website or at least call or sent us an email. Then we are better prepared together.

We missed you tremendously! See you soon!


We zijn open! YES!!!

En we hebben nog meer goed nieuws:

1)   Vanaf 15 juni kan je weer op vakantie naar Italië en zijn ook alle grenzen open in Duitsland, Zwitserland, Oostenrijk en Frankrijk.

2)   Onze gemeente en omliggende gemeenten zijn vrij van het coronavirus.

3)   We hebben veel ruimte, 45 campingplaatsen op 23 hectare grond en 4 afzonderlijke sanitair units.

4)   Bij ons is alles (op de wc’s na) in de buitenlucht.

We hebben waar nodig maatregelen genomen en voldoen aan de richtlijnen van de regio Toscane, zodat je bij ons zorgeloos (zonder mondkapje) kunt kamperen en genieten van je vakantie.

Wil je bij ons kamperen, reserveer dan via de website of bel of mail in ieder geval. Dan zijn we samen beter voorbereid.

We hebben jullie enorm gemist! Tot snel!