woensdag 3 juni 2020

Corona update 5: Sasso Corbo is open!

Dit bericht staat hieronder ook in het Nederlands

We are open! YES!!!

And we have more good news:

1)   From June 15 it is possible to go on holiday in Italy. All boarders to Italy will be open by then (Switzerland still subject to change, Austria will allow a transit up from June 4).

2)   Our town and surrounding towns are free from the coronavirus.

3)   We have a lot of space, plenty of space, 45 camping pitches on 23 hectares of land.

4)   On our camping site everything (except the toilets) is outside.

We have taken measures where necessary and we meet the guidelines of the Tuscan region, so that you can camp and enjoy (without a face mask) your holiday without any worries.

If you want to camp with us, make a reservation through the website or at least call or sent us an email. Then we are better prepared together.

We missed you tremendously! See you soon!


We zijn open! YES!!!

En we hebben nog meer goed nieuws:

1)   Vanaf 15 juni kan je weer op vakantie naar Italië. Alle grenzen naar Italië zullen dan open zijn (Zwitserland nog onder voorbehoud, Oostenrijk staat een transit toe vanaf 4 juni).

2)   Onze gemeente en omliggende gemeenten zijn vrij van het coronavirus.

3)   We hebben veel ruimte, heel veel ruimte, 45 campingplaatsen op 23 hectare grond.

4)   Bij ons is alles (op de wc’s na) in de buitenlucht.

We hebben waar nodig maatregelen genomen en voldoen aan de richtlijnen van de regio Toscane, zodat je bij ons zorgeloos (zonder mondkapje) kunt kamperen en genieten van je vakantie.


Wil je bij ons kamperen, reserveer dan via de website of bel of mail in ieder geval. Dan zijn we samen beter voorbereid.


We hebben jullie enorm gemist! Tot snel!

zaterdag 16 mei 2020

Corona update 4 - YES!!!

We are very, very happy to announce that we can open our doors on the 3rd of June 2020! Further information will follow soon.

zondag 10 mei 2020

Corona update 3

Whatever will be decided, we are ready!

woensdag 6 mei 2020

My Mom

This is a beautiful memory of a visit to Assisi with my mother.

My mom suddenly left us.

Fortunately, we could go to the Netherlands with our sons to say goodbye, share the loss with our family and organize a beautiful farewell celebration, as she liked to call it.


The last time I spoke to her in a video call she told me that it’s time to finish the house.


In the spirit of my mom we therefore continue with the construction, despite the difficult time.


Monday the 4th of May we restarted building and today we made the pillars from the second floor up to the roof.


Thank you mom, for being my lovely home, always!

I'm going to miss you so much.


maandag 20 april 2020

Corona update 2 - start season 2020...

Today is the 20th of April, the day that we open our camping site for the new season and receive our guests. Not this time…. We have at least to wait for another 2 weeks. We really hope that after the 3d of May something will be possible, also when it is only a fraction of our ‘normal’ life.

How are we actually doing and how to move on? There is a lot of time to think things over and we did.

The kids do their digital lessons, and they want to go back to school, wow, that is something! They also miss of course their friends and classmates. After the lessons we often play football. In this way also Bas remains fit ;-)

Furthermore, we still hope that we can open our camping site this season and that we can be your host again. But we are also realistic and prepared a plan B. The first ideas for an ‘one-and-a-half-meter-campinglifesociety’ are born. Exciting!

Meanwhile Domenica works in the vegetable garden. We made a small greenhouse to grow vegetables like basil, cucumber, zucchini, leek, peas and green beans. Garlic, onions, lettuce, tomatoes, sweet corn and potatoes are already planted. And from the greenhouse we already moved the peas and green beans into the vegetable garden. The water system is installed and we are glad that we can use the water from the well that we created last year.

And Bas? He cut the grass. Everything is neat again and it is wonderful to see everything becoming green and blooming. Great always this time of the year. The excavator runs as well. Bas worked on the road running through the orchard toward the new house.

The building process of our new house is still on hold. Ruben really hopes that he can start soon again. He is bored and misses his friends and collegues. Here are some pictures of the construction process.

So far for now. We hope that in two weeks we can give you more clarity about what our season will look like. See you later!

Bas & Domenica

zondag 29 maart 2020

Corona update 1

Dit bericht vind je onderaan ook in het Nederlands!

Dear all,

The coronavirus has the world in its power. Italy went more or less knock-out. And not only Italy. We can only make a deep bow for all the people working in healthcare!

With this letter we want to share an update about us. We are overwhelmed with all the messages from you, our guests. Thank you so much for all the care, support and encouragement. We hope that you, your family and friends are all fine and healthy.

Since 5 March we are home, also the kids. In short time more restrictions came. How are we doing? Fine actually. Being naturally isolated, we can handle staying at home. And we follow the prescriptions. We stay home and only once in two weeks we go shopping for groceries and other necessities. Only one person, with a form, and only in our own town.

The kids follow digital lessons. Nice to see how teachers and pupils find their way on the digital road. Our son Sem sometimes helps the teachers with the technical part. They use skype mostly, group conversation. Some discipline is necessary, because in the beginning there was a lot of giggling on the background, specially form the girls. So, they only put the microphone on when they have to answer a question. It works, lessons from half an hour and furthermore homework.

And we, as always in this time of the year, prepare the season. Connecting and cleaning the sanitary services and cutting the grass. Everything is almost ready. Occasionally we help with the construction of our house. But that is now also halted, at least for two weeks. We made it till the first floor now and the iron of the pillars are actually reaching almost the highest point.

If this season will be successful is of course the question. Ok, Italy does a great job handling the crisis. In our environment there are only a few cases, stable for this moment, and Semproniano is free from the virus till now. We are really proud of the Italians. We’ve never seen Italy so united. Many initiatives arise. The singing and clapping from the balconies are touching. What a quality Italy shows within this crisis.

However, at this moment, we live in very uncertain times. A time where the health of all of us is priority number one. We can only open our camping site when our governments say it can and when it is 100% save. Where possible we take precautions. Hygiene has never been more important.

For this season we have a lot of reservations and till now we received only 1 cancellation. That makes us very hopeful. Anyway, we prepare for opening later (or even not at all this season). We put this between parentheses for now if you don’t mind ;-). Because what do we do with the received payments? That, we want to do with the utmost care. As soon as we have more clarity, we let you know of course.

We wish you all the best. Stay healthy! And at the end it will be fine. Andrà tutto bene! That is what parents tell their kids in Italy. And the kids draw a beautiful rainbow. So nice!

Ci vediamo!

Bas & Domenica,
Ruben, Jorn, Sem & Cas

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Beste allemaal,

Het coronavirus zet de wereld op zijn kop. Italië, maar ook Nederland wordt hard geraakt. We kunnen alleen maar een hele diepe buiging maken voor alle hulpverleners! Diep respect!

Langs deze weg even een update van ons. We zijn overspoeld met appjes, mailtjes en telefoontjes van jullie, onze gasten, en dat voelt als een ongelooflijke steun in de rug. Dank je wel voor al die zorg en betrokkenheid. We hopen van harte dat het goed gaat met jullie en jullie familie en vrienden.

Sinds 5 maart zijn we thuis, ook de kinderen. Onwerkelijk en onwennig tegelijk. In korte tijd worden de maatregelen keer op keer aangescherpt. Er wordt nergens anders meer over gepraat. En hoe gaat het dan met ons? Goed eigenlijk, kunnen we wel zeggen. Van nature leven we een beetje in quarantaine, dus daar hebben we niet zoveel moeite mee. We houden ons verder aan de restricties. We zijn thuis, allemaal, en één keer in de twee weken doen we boodschappen. Eén persoon, met formulier en alleen binnen de eigen gemeente.

Voor de kinderen is inmiddels een digitale ‘leerweg’ gevonden. Grappig om te zien hoe Sem soms de juffies en meesters helpt met de techniek. Ze werken vooral met skype, groepsgesprek. Een beetje etherdiscipline is dan wel nodig, blijkt al snel, want op de achtergrond hoorde je permanent een hoop gegiechel, vooral van de meiden. Alle kinderen zetten daarom alleen de microfoon aan als ze een vraag moeten beantwoorden. Zo gaat het goed. Lesjes van een half uur en verder gewoon huiswerk maken.

En wij doen eigenlijk vooral wat we altijd doen, ons seizoen voorbereiden. Sanitair beitsen, alles aansluiten en poetsen en veel maaien. Alles is al zo goed als klaar. Daarnaast hier en daar een klus bij de bouw van ons huis. Die is sinds kort ook stilgelegd, voor tenminste twee weken. We zijn wel aardig gevorderd en hebben de verdieping gestort. Langzaam gaan we de hoogte in, het ijzer van de pilaren reikt al bijna tot het hoogste punt.

Hoe komend seizoen eruit gaat zien is nog maar de vraag. Ok, Italië pakt de crisis goed aan. En in onze directe omgeving is er slechts een enkele besmetting, het aantal blijft op dit moment zo goed als stabiel, en onze gemeente Semproniano is nog altijd vrij van het virus. We zijn ontzettend trots op de Italianen. Nog niet eerder hebben we het land zo verenigd gezien. Er ontstaan allerlei initiatieven. Het zingen en klappen ontroeren. Wat een kwaliteit laat dit land in crisis zien.

Hoe dan ook, we leven op dit moment in een onzekere tijd. Een tijd waarin onze gezondheid de hoogste prioriteit heeft. We gaan daarom pas open wanneer de overheden aangeven dat dat kan en als het 100% veilig is. Waar het kan nemen we natuurlijk voorzorgsmaatregelen op onze locatie. Hygiëne is meer dan eens belangrijk.

We hebben voor dit seizoen veel reserveringen staan, en tot nu toe nog maar 1 annulering ontvangen. Dat stemt ons ook zeer hoopvol. Toch zijn we voorbereidingen aan het treffen voor als we later opengaan (of zelfs helemaal niet open kunnen dit seizoen). Dat zetten we nog maar even tussen haakjes ;-). Want wat doen we dan bijvoorbeeld met de gedane (aan)betalingen? Dat willen we doen met de grootste zorg en gaan we de komende periode verder vormgeven. Als we meer duidelijkheid hebben, berichten we uiteraard weer.

We wensen jullie allemaal heel veel sterkte. Blijf gezond! En uiteindelijk komt het goed. Andrà tutto bene! Dat is wat ouders hun kinderen hier vertellen. En de kinderen tekenen er een prachtige regenboog bij. Mooi he!

Ci vediamo!

Bas & Domenica,
Ruben, Jorn, Sem & Cas

vrijdag 27 december 2019

Did they start building their house yet?

Dear friends of Sasso Corbo,

It's the end of 2019. We have 2020 in front of us. This means we are almost 10 years in Italy now. Time to look back, and time to look forward. And maybe your first question is, did they finally start building their house?

Writing this update, we asked ourselves, where are we actually standing right now? As a family, with our 4 sons, we moved to Italy in 2010, bought this hilly Tuscan property of 23 hectares, started from zero without having a house, electricity and water. What were we thinking? Some call it brave, others stupid. Anyway, we did it.

Arrival on Sasso Corbo 11 July 2010

First schoolday 14 September 2010

Two years later, working through the Italian bureaucratic procedures, in 2012, our ‘agricampeggio’ Sasso Corbo was born. Exciting. Will the naturists find us? Will they like it? Will they tell others? The first guests came and mainly their first question was: “How did you find this???”

Opening with first guests 29 May 2012

Although more guests came than expected, 2012 can be considered as starting up, making errors, falling down and rising up, let’s say, learning. Up from 2013 we were on the map, fully booked in high season, trying to improve and making things better.

In the years after, struggling through puberty, we stabilized and we ended unexpectedly in the top 10 of best reviewed naturist camping sites worldwide (NFN). Thanks to you!

Though, time for the next step! Building our own house? Renovate the old one? Making a real swimming pool or a ‘biolago’? How nice is it to develop, to create, to have a goal, a horizon! But at the same time, what a battle to choose, to get the permissions and to invest. Too many options for too little money (you can spend it only once).

Instead of building our own house, we decided to create a new field ‘Campo Mare’ with a wide view to the Tyrrhenian Sea, adding some extra camping places and a few safari tents. Winter 2016/2017 was hard work and of course, when we opened again the 20th of April 2017, it was far from ready. Thanks to some help of friends and family, and thanks to the patience and understanding of the guests, we finished a few weeks later.

Building up the safari tents april 2017

Result a few weeks later

Will we be fully booked also now? Will the safari tents run? It did. We grow up.

Ok, well done, is it now time for the new house? Finally? All the permissions were there, we wrote a business plan to get it financed and we were more than ready. But not our bank. It took us five months to find another bank that was willing to help us.

Another year passed, and yes, after running the best season ever, the first of October 2019, we started building. Wow! Only bad weather can throw a spanner in the work. And it did. Ai. Ok, October was fine, dry, and ideal for digging, but than November came, with rain, rain and more rain. You might have seen it on the news. Anyway, the start is there.

And our kids? How are they doing? Cas, our youngest (12 years), is following the second year of the ‘media’ in Semproniano. He is our small ‘professor’ and plays football twice a week.

Sem (14 years) started the ‘Superiore’ at Sorano, a Liceo Linguistico (languages, well that is good for the camping!!) and he really likes the school and all his new friends.

Jorn (17 years) is in the 4th year of his Liceo Sociale at Arcidosso. In summer he made a trip to Boston and visited also Harvard.

And our oldest, Ruben (19 years), decided to quit school and start working. Guess where he’s working? At Imprese Edile Marcello Rossi, the firm that builds our house. So, Ruben is clear to us: be nice to me, because I build your house. Haha.

Ruben's first day at work!

For now, we want to thank you, because you visited our camping place, once, twice ore even more times. You supported and encouraged us. And therefore, you made it possible to go on, realizing our dreams and continuing building. What will be next, the old house, the new swimming pool? Work in progress, and time will learn.

We hope to meet again. And if you did not visit us yet, we hope to meet you and be your host. You’re all most welcome! For 2020 we wish you a happy and constructive year. That many of your dreams may come true!


Bas, Domenica, Ruben, Jorn, Sem & Cas