vrijdag 15 oktober 2021

Book now for 2022

Book now for 2022 - 10 year anniversary Sasso Corbo - 2012-2022 :-)

vrijdag 8 oktober 2021

Next year: 10 years Sasso Corbo - 2012-2022!


Dear guests,


Last Friday we closed our camping site as we always do the first of October. Not so easy this year, because September was almost high season and not all guests were ready to leave. Good weather conditions made it even harder.


Anyway, what started as an uncertain year again, was at the end one of the best seasons we ever had. It was also the season of our new home, of almost no rain and of a bigger variety in age and nationalities among our guests. Thank you all so much for visiting us!


It has been also the year of collaboration between several naturist camping sites, accommodations and federations (FENAIT from Italy, NFN from the Netherlands and Athena from Belgium) to show the potential and growth of naturism in Italy. Naked Wanderings made a big contribution with their Italian Road Trip with beautiful pictures and videos as a result.


Last but not least it was also the year that one of our sons left home to study in the Netherlands, Maastricht. He made a good start (as far as we know ;-)) and we will visit him soon.


And what will bring 2022? It will be a special year, because Sasso Corbo will celebrate her 10th anniversary: 2012-2022. Yes! It will be a special year with a lot of new activities. And do you agree that this year should also bring a brand new infinity pool?


More news to follow. We keep in touch!


Bas & Domenica

Ruben, Jorn, Sem & Cas

vrijdag 24 september 2021

Bewertungen FKK-Campingplatz Sasso Corbo auf Park4night

Und dann entdecken wir plötzlich park4night wo Deutsche Gäste eine Bewertung über unsere FKK-Campingplatz Sasso Corbo hinterlassen haben :-)


maandag 30 augustus 2021

What a beautiful review from our Italian guests on tripadvisor. And what a pleasure to see more and more young naturist Italian couples and families every year at our place. We love to be your host! Thanks!

dinsdag 20 juli 2021

Last option!

Last option for a safaritent this season due to a cancellation:
Saturday 18 September till Friday 1 October 2021 


dinsdag 8 juni 2021

Yes, reizen naar Italie weer mogelijk :-)

Yes! Vakantie naar Italië en Sasso Corbo weer mogelijk!! 🥳 

Goed nieuws voor onze Nederlandse gasten: vanaf vrijdag 11 juni gaat het reisadvies van de Nederlandse overheid voor vakanties naar Italië weer op geel en mag je ons dus weer bezoeken. Ook Duitsland en Oostenrijk gaan naar verwachting op geel. 

Dus lekker inpakken en gaan. We hebben tot zaterdag 19 juni ook nog een safaritent vrij! 

Jullie welkomstdrankje staat klaar 🥂. Salute! 

Bas & Domenica